Today’s hand knotting technique is centuries old!!!
In a unique archaeological excavation in 1949, the exceptional Pazyryk carpet was discovered among the ice of Pazyryk Valley, in Altai Mountains in Siberia. The carpet was found in the grave of a Scythian prince. Radiocarbon testing indicated that the Pazyryk carpet was woven in the 5th century BC. This carpet is 283 by 200 cm (approximately 9.3 by 6.5 ft) and has 36 symmetrical knots per cm² (232 per inch²).The advanced weaving technique used in the Pazyryk carpet indicates a long history of evolution and experience in this art. Pazyryk carpet is considered as the oldest carpet in the world. Its central field is a deep red color and it has two wide borders, one depicting deer and the other Persian horseman.

Oldest known hand-knotted rug, the Pazyryk carpet.

Oldest known hand-knotted rug, the Pazyryk carpet.

Over the centuries the technique used to make this masterpiece has little changed. As seen below today’s process is still much the same with nearly every step still performed by hand. Today there is a thriving market for antique rugs, with many devoted collectors and enthusiasts, all of these rugs are hand-knotted in construction as today’s hand-tufted and power-loomed rugs are unable to stand up to the time and use these rugs under-go.  With quality workmanship, good materials and proper care these rugs can stand up in high traffic areas for well over 100 years. As such many hand-knotted rugs are considered heirlooms and are often passed down through families. It is not uncommon for the rug to take longer to make then the house that it makes a home in took to build.


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