Flat weave rugs are rugs which are woven on a loom rather than knotted. Because these rugs are woven, on flat looms lying horizontal, rather than knotted, they do not have a tufted pile. They tend to be much thinner than knotted rugs, making them generally less insulating. However, the thinness of a flat weave rug can be an advantage, especially in entry ways where the space between the floor and weather stripping of doors is minimal. Being that most of these rugs can be used on both sides these rugs are highly versatile; flat weave rugs have been used for thousands of years as flooring, wall hangings, saddle pads, and prayer rugs, and many cultures continue to utilize them for this purpose. Due to the way these are woven production time is much faster than hand-knotting but the end result is almost always a more rudimentary design and less dense than knotted rugs. These are great alternatives to hand-knotted without sacrificing quality or giving up too much longevity.


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